Welcome to the pages of our mobile games rental and shop

We are here for you during the summer holidays twice a week in Frymburk, Černá v Pošumaví and in Horní Planá. If the rental is not open at the moment, you can return the game anytime at one of the three return points which are open every day. More information about the rental and return points is here.

We have games for you, of all kinds and for players of all age starting at 2 years of age. You can find games for parties and relax, strategy and logic games, educational and outdoor games. The games listed in our catalog can be borrowed, starting at 50 CZK per week, or you can buy a brand new ones. We have most of the games unpacked on the spot, so that you can have a look and decide without hurry. We offer games with rules written in German or English, too.

We look forward to seeing you...

... with a smile.